Effortless Bookkeeping.

Get the personalized bookkeeping
your business deserves.

Lillyfield Accounting Solutions

Effortless Bookkeeping.

Get the personalized bookkeeping
your business deserves.

We do your books, so you can run your business.


Cloud-based Accounting

  • Allows us to help with trouble-shooting anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Allows us to train your staff remotely
  • Allows us to review the data file without it being taken offsite
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Secure Data Records

  • Password protected login, firewall-protected servers and advanced encryption technology
  • Multiple permission levels as needed
  • 24/7 data and privacy protection

Custom Reporting Packages

  • Financial statements and custom reports as often as you need them
  • Reports tailored to the needs of your business
  • Understand the how and why behind the numbers and reports

Cash Flow Consulting

  • Projection forecasts of future cash flow
  • Streamline and maximize the cash collections process
  • Budget preparation and monitoring

Rescue Work

  • Review and correct inaccurate or neglected books
  • Create systems that provide the most efficient bookkeeping process
  • Implement internal controls to protect your assets

Federal, State & Local Compliance

  • Accurate and timely submission of all Federal and State required reports and filings
  • Sales tax research and submission
  • IRS compliant books – your tax accountant will love you

Cloud-based Accounting Solutions

While many businesses struggle to record and track sales and expenses, we leverage the power of QuickBooks Online to automatically download, categorize, and reconcile bank and credit card transactions.

This provides you the ability to manage your business on the go with access to your books anytime, anywhere on any device. Send an invoice while sitting in the waiting room. Code some expenses or review a report during soccer practice.

Gone are the days when QuickBooks was only on that one computer and you had to work there to get the books done. No more backups, upgrades, out of date software.


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