Starting a new business? We can help.

You have a great idea, an entrepreneurial spirit, a bit of capital saved up and you are READY to be a Business Owner. You dive in head first selling your products or services, and providing excellent customer service. You’re growing like a weed, but you start to realize there is a whole host of administrative tasks you didn’t even know about at the federal, state, county and city level. You didn’t go to business school – your degree is in communications or Eastern philosophy of the 1600’s, so you don’t have any idea what reports you should be running, how often, or even what to be looking for when you do print them out. You have no idea if you should be an LLC, an S-Corp or a Sole Proprietor. You don’t know the difference between a W9 and a W4, and it seems like everybody tells you something different.

That’s where we come in….

Start Smart

  • Get set up correctly from the beginning. Get your controls in place from the beginning. We have compiled a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to get started to be in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations. Visit our free resource library for the New Business Start-up Checklist.
  • Lillyfield Solutions can help you start your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online is one of the most important steps in setting up your business, as it drives all our future financial reports and management decisions. Classifying your accounts incorrectly can lead to problems down the road.

Time to Add Employees

You’re growing and ready to add employees! We can get you set up with the State of Florida and the IRS EFTPS System so you are ready to go, on your first payday.

We custom create all of your payroll and HR documents for your company and ensure they are complete and accurate.

Most importantly, we set up your employees correctly in QuickBooks ensuring compliant quarterly 941 reports and W-2’s at year end.

Sales TAX Set Up

We research the sales tax rules for your industry to ensure you are paying sales tax correctly and find exemptions that we can. We get you set up with the Florida Department of Revenue and, set up in QuickBooks. Then your quarterly or monthly sales tax reports and payments are a breeze.