We take care of the books, you take care of the business.

We get it. Doing the books is your least favorite part of running your own business. Fortunately, it’s our favorite part of running a business. So, let’s team up so we can both be doing what we love at work and be wildly successful – a WIN, WIN.

Our job is to make your life as a business owner easier and help you sleep better at night. By doing books for a variety of businesses and non-profits we’ve seen the good and the bad, such as:

  • Best practices for internal controls
  • No internal controls (and we quickly fixed that!)
  • Great third party software for timekeeping, receipt management, scheduling, point of sale
  • No system for managing receivables, employee time, payables (and we quickly fixed that!)
  • Automated accounting using QuickBooks Online to its full capacity
  • Hand written ledger books with no reporting (and we very quickly fixed that!)

Say Goodbye to Bookkeeper Turnover.

With our firm managing your books, you are no longer relying on just one person who may leave with all the knowledge of your bookkeeping in their head. Each client has three Lillyfield team members assigned to their account at all times, managing books, compliance, systems, and financial trends for your business.

Are you Months or Years Behind?

You thought you hired a great bookkeeper. Then, he or she quits and you unfortunately find out the hard way that they didn’t know what they were doing, or spent all day on Facebook instead of QuickBooks. You’re weeks, months, or (gulp…) years behind, bills are piling up and you don’t EVEN want to open up those dreaded letters from the IRS.

We can help! We call this Rescue Work, and we quickly get you caught up and back on track. Our background in audit allows us to quickly target the areas that need to be fixed. We get all accounts reconciled and financial systems set up to ensure the monthly bookkeeping is completed accurately and on time.

One hundred percent of our rescue work clients have gone on to be long-term bookkeeping clients.