Serving with Confidence


Want to change the world, and serve others with a great idea for a non-profit? We can get you going by completing and submitting your Form 1023 with the IRS. We have set up multiple 501(c)(3) organizations and received IRS approval on the first try, every time.


Did your non-profit just exceed $50,000 in gross receipts? Now you have to file a 990-EZ with the IRS. We can help with that.

Is your non-profit over the $200,000 mark with federal and state income? Ok. You need a full-blown 990. We don’t do those, but we have great relationships with numerous CPA firms in town and can recommend the right and perfect fit for you.


Let us do your non-profit bookkeeping, or periodically supervise your team to ensure everything is in tip top shape for the audit. We know how they come in, take over your conference room, ask questions all day long, and stay for what seems like weeks on end. We can help shorten the duration, making it less painful and less expensive.

How do we do it?

  • Every balance sheet account is reconciled.
  • Every functional expense is classified.
  • Every audit schedule is prepared and monitored during the year.